Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the fruit for the wines come from?

Our Blueberry table wine and Fortified Blueberry dessert wine is made exclusively with blueberries from the Bremner family farm in Delta. Our Cranberry table wine and Fortified Cranberry dessert wine contains a blend of local cranberries and those from Bremner farms. All other fruit used in our wines – blackberries, strawberries, peaches, apples and apricots – are B.C. grown.

Where are the wines made?

Our fruit wines are produced right here at Wellbrook.

How often do you have your cooking classes?

1-2 times per month, but not in July or August because we are busy harvesting Blueberries.

In the cooking, do we get to eat the food?

Yes, of course paired with Wellbrook Wines or Bremner's Juices.

Do your wines have any grape in them?

No, some fruit wines have a grape wine base and a bit of fruit wine added. Our wines are 100% BC Fruit, and no grape base.

How far are you from Vancouver?

We are about 30 minutes from downtown, and our hours and driving instructions are on the website, or you can phone the Winery at 604-946-1868.

I like red wines, but I get a headache?

Our red wines have less sulphides, and we have not had anyone had a reaction, even people that seem to get severe reactions to red wine.

If I buy a case of wine do I get a special deal?

Yes, when you buy a case you get 1 bottle free.

Mr Bremner seems so healthy, if I drink your wine will I be as fast as him going up the Grouse Grind?

You can definitely try it!